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GCR Accreditation Benefits

How it works?

Share data on I. Expertise, II. Facilities, III. Services & IV. Patient Outcomes & we will evaluate these via our machine learning algorithm & pass it to top medical experts for review.

Get benchmark comparing your facility vs. top hospitals & clinics globally & get action-list of improvements from top experts to help you reach worldclass international standards.

Duration: 1 - 3 months

Expert team visits the clinic & we shoot accreditation videoIf clinic meets all standards we award the facility with GCR International Accreditation.

Duration: 1 - 2 days

I. Apply for accreditation for free & check fit

II. Get expert advice & 360-degree benchmarking

How are we different vs other accreditations?

Join the hundreds of clinics that are already GCR Accredited

Let your clinic reputation do all your marketing for you...

Frank Kannmann, HD Dental

What GCR Accredited clinics say about

Gold Coast IVF clinic, USA

We are so honored to be recognized for our work, dedication, and results.

Thank you!
Dr. Steven Palter

Helene Omotesando clinic, Japan

Healthcare is a basic right, it's as fundamental as the civil rights, and GCR helps you to use this right by accessing the best healthcare in the world. 

Dr. Matsuoko

St. Catherine Hospital, Croatia

We are very proud that we have GCR certificate, and we see positive feedback from our patients.

Thank you!
Prof. Dr. Sc. Velimir Simunic

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New Patient leads

Let Your Clinic Demonstrate and Improve Its Excellence With GCR Accreditation!

I. Build global reputation

Demonstrate factually that you belong to the top 10% medical facilities around the world.

III. Grow Revenues

II. Collect 300+ patient reviews

We help you collect 300-500 reviews in 1-2 months with our patented state-of-art tech.

GCR Accredited clinics gained new patients & grew revenues on avg by 35% /year  in 20171.

IIII. Onsite verification & video shooting

Take 1-minute to see if you qualify

I. Technology driven Accreditation

GCR site is SEO optimized, last year our site was used by ~500K patients & we grew traffic 400% YoY.  Some patients now visit only GCR Accredited hospitals & clinics.

II. Recognized around the world 

We accredited 200+ facilities in <2 years across 30+ countries. In addition, patients already compare 400K+ rated clinics on 5-star GCR score across the world. So local patients & from abroad will instantly recognize your quality with GCR.

III. New network of top experts

We created a community of top medical experts around the world from whom you can learn and exchange best-practices via our portal.

Increase your clinic revenue by 35%+ with GCR International Accreditation

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Notes: 1. 120+  accredited clinics were surveyed in this study

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GCR Accreditation video of Helene Omotesando, Japan 2017

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